Heritage Beverages

Hong Yun Lang 30




“Hongyun Lang Liquor” is a high-end sauce-aroma baijiu made by Langjiu through 3 years effort. Its design concept comes from the blessing words “Hongyun Dang Tou”, which means “lucky star shining bright”. Mr. Lu Shangping, the bottle designer also one of the Four Greats of Ceramics in China, said that, the safflower colour of Hongyun Lang Liquor bottle came from the Danxia Landform within the reaches of Chishui River, and the idea of the bottle shape was inspired by the dragon columns in ancient Chinese imperial palaces, which had an upper canopy and a lower monolith, holy and grand. The dark-red glaze uses the highest quality raw material in the world prepared by British Roayl Ceramics Research Center. Decorated with golden patterns, the liquor bottle looks more noble, elegant, superb and imperatorial. The shape of the bottle cap is simple but stylish looking like an official’s hat or a golden canopy, symbolizing wealth and luck. The liquor body is designed and tailored by national distilling experts at Langjiu with their accumulated knowledge, experience and expertise. The famous baijiu connoisseurs Shen Yifang and Gao Jingyan gave Hongyun Lang Liquor high acclaim, noting it plays the characteristics of Langjiu “prominent soy sauce flavor, full-bodied and pure taste, graceful and exquisite style, strong sweet after-taste, and long-time lasting fragrance on empty glasses to the extreme, truly a rare gem in baijiu.